Take The Chocolate - Finalist

Take the Chocolate is a story of two year old girl who likes a boy and wants to make him her friend. He is not interested but she won’t give up.

Director: Shahid Kamal

Cast: Doug Coleman, Paulina Boneva, Noni Harrison, Kristian Gospodinov, Nicole Dzhekova, Leonardo Surace, Marta Dee.

Crew: Shahid Kamal (Producer), Rajesh Rajilal (Producer), Raed Abbas (DOP), Mike Leisegang (Colourist), Jemima Turnbull (2nd AD), Odette Niemand (1st AD), Karyn Kay (Poster Designer), Raunak Agarwal (Website Designer), Matthew Fisher (Sound Designer), Michele Sarti (Music Composer), Andrea Pennati (Music Composer).


Running Time: 04:50


A little girl leaves home for what could be the last time. An apocalyptic tale of hope in the face of Armageddon.

Director: Richard Addlesee

Cast: Lucy Young, Sammy Deas, Marc Young

Crew: George Makin (Producer), Richard Addlesee (Writer), Marc Baron (DOP), Paul Willis (SFX Artist/Colourist), Christopher Gardiner (Composer).


Running Time: 02:23

Harriet and the Matches

“It almost makes me cry to tell what foolish Harriet befell….” Adapted from a traditional German fairy tale ‘Harriet and the Matches’ is a dark cautionary tale about a lonely little girl.

Director: Miranda Howard-Williams

Cast: Helena Barlow, Cillian Murphy, Bernice Stegers.

Crew: Miranda Howard-Williams (Adaptation), Anu Figgis Anderson (Producer), Oliver Cross (DOP), Joe Orton (Animator), Rohan Wadham (Production and Puppet Design), Tom Ingram (Art Director), Marcin Szumilas (Sound), Balint Tusor (Editor), Anna Pheobe (Composer), Joel Green (Visual Effects), Jason R Moffat (Colourist).



Running time: 04:11


Dawn. A baby breaks the silence.

Director: Iván Sáinz-Pardo

Cast: Josephine Ehlert, Roland Von Kummant, Mia Von Kummant.

Crew: Iván Sáinz-Pardo (DOP), Iván Sáinz-Pardo (Editor), Philipp Fabian Kölmel (Music).


Running Time: 03:54

I Believe In Pink - Winner - Best Non Scripted

A tattoo artist in Lagos has found his niche tattooing the lips of men pink because they believe it makes them more acceptable to society.

Director: Victoria Thomas

Crew: Victoria Thomas (Director/Producer)



Running Time: 5:09

Living With Monkey

Acclaimed ventriloquist Nina Conti accepts a challenge to live with her puppet Monkey for a full six weeks.

Director: Nina Conti

Cast: Nina Conti, Tom Conti, Stan Stanley

Crew: Nina Conti (Writer), Peter Sinclair (Writer), Sue Vertue (Producer), Marcus Mortimer (Producer)



Running Time: 11:30

The Night Shift

This short documentary opens up the world of exotic dancers from the inside out, shining a light on the profession as a business while offering a perspective into their lives that people often overlook.

Director: Tayo Odesanya

Crew: Nehir Glean (Producer), Tayo Odesanya (Producer), Eyyaz Chishty (DOP), Uthania Jackson (Exec Producer), Nicholas Collins (Sound Design), Mysha Santini (Editor).



Running Time: 14:00

Ferguson, Missouri

“Ferguson, Missouri” is a one-minute film highlighting the social unrest after the death of Michael Brown in 2014. It focusses on the Police mishandling and how social media brought the local community together in protest.

Director: James Arthur Armstrong

Crew: James Arthur Armstrong (Editor)


Running Time: 01:00

The Dead Sea - Winner - Audience Choice

After almost reaching Europe by boat, Emmanuel and Olu are returned to Libya and incarcerated in one of its infamous migrant detention centres.

Director: Stuart Gatt

Cast: Sope Dirisu, Joan Iyiola, Yasen Atour, Peter Bankole, Harman Singh.

Crew: Stuart Gatt (Writer/Producer), Kate Glover (Producer), Tabitha Breese (Producer), Yann Maritaud (DOP), Lili Faith Knight (Production Designer), Daniel Mulhern (Composer), Suga Suppiah (Editor),



Huey and Louis

Huey and Louis are two brothers with opposing views of the world trying to successfully run an Afrocentric shop in Brixton, which their late father left them

Director: Jonny Wright

Cast: Ricky Fearon, Richard Pepple, Speech Debelle

Crew: Jonny Wright (Writer), Mark Holden (Producer), Terence Anderson (Producer)



Running Time: 10:00

Foot in Mouth

When two pampered ‘It Girls’ ignorantly abuse and offend a Chinese pedicurist Anming, she cleverly plots a fitting revenge in this wickedly funny short film.

Director: Ella Jones

Cast: Jennifer Lim, Polly Eachus, Funda Önal, Suni La.

Crew: Kay Bridgeman (Writer/Producer), Justina Bridgeman (Producer), Frank Madone (DOP/Camera Operator), Deborah Asante (Assistant Producer/Casting), Ty Hack (1st AD), Michelle Vice (2nd AD), Kristian Sakulku (3rd AD), Ashley James Hardman (3rd AD), Anais Lorie (1st Assistant Camera), Ewan Sadler (2nd Assistant Camera), Matt Markham (Gaffer), Harry Pepper (Best Boy), Chloe Thorne (DIT), Kristian Mitchell- Dolby (Sound Recordist), Simon Coram (Boom Operator), Lara Humphreys (Art Director), Emma Ryder (Set Dresser), Ayele Gozo (Set Dresser), Sarah Karran (Hair & Make Up), Sabrina Open (Costume), Louise MacGregor (Editor), The Assembly Rooms (Post Production), Glen Percival (Post Production Producer), Four Walls (Post Production), Jon Leese-Pomfret (Colourist), Andy Brown (VFX), Fabien Dudragne (Sound Designer/Re-Recording Mixer), Onsight (Camera Equipment), ThreeFourSnap (Lighting Equipment), Amy Whitfield Novo London (Dresses), Chris Jones and Greta Lang (Composer), Justina Bridgeman (Musician), Richard Jackson (Music Producer), Tim Slessor, Wojtek Mac, (Exec Producers).



Running Time: 06:32

Hall of Mirrors

‘Hall of Mirrors’ is a short film that captures the decisive few days in the life of Basil, a young man who suffers from a mental disorder that forces him to never leave home.

Director: Daniel York

Cast: Andrew Koji, Dominic L Coates, Mark Holden, Vela Stoyanova

Crew: Andrew Koji (Writer), Ismail Guluev (Producer), Tomas Frigstad (DOP), Paul Stallan (Exec Producer), Jonathan James Augustus (Editor), Dan Mantell (Sound Editor).

Running Time: 19:59

Glow - Winner - Best of the Fest

Four best friends deal with the struggles of cancer by hatching a plan to see the Northern Lights, however, as they marvel in the beauty of the phenomenon, the harsh reality of the situation soon reveals itself.

Director: Alasdair Mackay

Cast: Hamza Siddique, Liam Darby, Haley Bishop, Josias Bertrand, Jessica Borne, David Curtis.

Crew: Haley Bishop (Writer/Producer), Liam Darby (Producer), Jack Gotch (DOP), Philippa Carson (Editor), Joe Tatum (Camera Assistant), Jak Mccarthy (Camera Assistant), Tom O’Sullivan (Sound Editor), Jason R Moffat (Colourist), Jacob Stoney (Composer), Blair Dunlop (Composer), Sylvi Kim (Production Manager), Elliot Darby (Additional Photography), Simon Norman (Sound Department), Chris Runciman (Sound Department), Adam Burkholder (Production Assistant), Sophie Shad (Production Assistant), Gemma Yates-Round (Production Assistant).



Running Time: 13:14

Lucky Chicken

A quirky silent romantic comedy about a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker… and a magic chicken.

Director: Gulliver Moore

Cast: Will Merrick, Marek Larwood, Naomi Stafford

Crew: Matthew Stallworthy (Writer), Nick Coupe (Producer), Oliver Clubb (Cinematographer), Jim Hustwit (Composer), Anna Papa (Production Design), Jocelyn Webb (Costume Design), Jess Kay (Puppet Designer and Operator).



Running Time: 12:15

The Good Son

A young Nigerian man is forced to address a secret he has harboured from his parents during a traditional, family gathering.

Director: Tomisin Adepeju

Cast: Gbolahan Obisesan, Grace Fitzgerald, Tomi Ogunjobi, Femi Ogunjobi, Alex Alexander

Crew: Tomisin Adepeju (Writer/Producer)


Running Time: 13:43

Lil' Benny

Benny is on the run with a bullet in his arm. He bangs on the door of his ex, but she won’t let him in.

Director: Che Walker and Nathan Lee Bush

Cast: Jon McCormick, Sarah Ellen Stephens

Crew: Che Walker (Writer), Nathan Soto Albors (DOP), Jonathan Federico (Producer), Sarah Ellen Stephens (Producer), Natasha Soto Albors (Producer), Daniel Wohl (Music)

Running Time: 10:20