Haven - Audience Choice Award Winner

As a young girl the first beauty salon chair a girl is introduced to is sitting between her mother’s legs. It’s a place where innocence is treasured, bonds are strengthened and confidence is boosted. Every Sunday like clockwork Janice does Jada’s hair, this is where she finds solace to confess her deepest secrets.

Director: Kelly Fyffe-Marshall

Cast: D’evina Chatrie (Jada), Tika Simone (Janice), Donisha Prendergast (TV Voiceover), Tamar Bird (Sanitary Pads Voiceover)

Crew: Tamar Bird (Producer), Jordan MacDonald (Associate Producer), Donisha Prendergast (Associate Producer), Jordan Oram (DOP), Mitchell Gall (Gaffer), Judana Silvera (Hair and Make Up), Frankie Samayao (Sound), KR Moore of Sandbox Studios (Post Sound), Yvonne Stanley (Stills Photographer)


Running Time: 03:35

Little Monster

A man get his first phone call to his daughter after being sent to prison.

Director: Charlotte Regan

Cast: Neill Maskell (Harry),  Fady Elsayed (Ryan)

Crew: Mikey Levelle (Producer), Charlotte Regan (Writer)

Running Time: 04:00

The Need to be Alone

A film about an introvert and how his time alone makes him a better friend. In collaboration with Alain de Botton for The School of Life.

Directors: Tom Fisher and Catherine Prowse

Crew: Alain de Botton (Writer), Lucy Bentley, Katie Browne, Katy Daft,  Katy Haggerty-Marks,  Daisy Moore, Anjuna Harper, Saskia Martindale, Hannah O’Brien, Keziah Philipps, Hannah Quinn, Lulu Senft, Nathan Ward (Additional Model Making and Puppeteering)



Running time: 03:48


While Donald Trump is undergoing heart surgery, a portal to another reality opens. Latinos start falling from the sky to the desert, on the Mexico – US border, divided by an enormous wall. A hilarious war breaks between a Trump-like mech robot and several stereotypical Mexican Latinos.

Director: Alejandro Damiani

Cast: Guillermo Villegas, Ernesto Alvarez, Hector Villalobos

Crew: Ale Damiani (Writer), Santi Vecino (Writer), Juan Andrés Fontán (Writer), Javi Cruzado (Writer), Enrique Codesio (Writer), Juan José López (Producer), Diego Rosenblatt (Cinematography), David Ramos (Music), Pandemonia Music (Music), La Mayor (Sound), Mathías Chumino (Editing)

Animation/VFX: Marcelo Torterolo, Javier Torterolo, Edgardo Fernandez, Ale Damiani, Pablo Torterolo, Camilo Veliovich, Fabio Santini, Pablo Torterolo, Camilo Veliovich, Fabio Santini, Pablo Torterolo, Camilo Veliovich, Fabio Santini, Juan Andrés Fontán, Santiago Beltran, Laura Pino, Cesar Viola, Luciano Correa & Nicolás Peña


Running Time: 05:00

Letters to Britain - Best Non Scripted Winner

Premiered at Sheffield DocFest 2018, Letters to Britain witnesses a group of people aged between 80-100 write letters to the younger generation of Britons today.

Having lived through pivotal moments in British history, they use their own experiences to reveal insights on life, and pass on advice about how to deal with the current difficulties facing today’s fast moving and increasingly divided society.

Director: Rosie Baldwin

Crew: Rosie Baldwin (Producer), Sam Baldwin (Score), Nina Racz (Editor), Abolfazl Talooni (Editor), Rob Szeliga (Sound Design), Hanna Adan (Shoot Assistant), Lyndsay Allen-Hynde (Shoot Assistant), Andy Glynne (Executive Producer)


Running Time: 03:00

Queens of Botswana

There is a Heavy Metal Scene in Botswana called Marok. The men are Kings and the women are Queens. In everyday life, a man counts as so much more than a woman. We meet three Queens who won’t let that stop them loving their music.

Director: Sarah Vianney

Crew: Sarah Vianney (Writer), Stefan Kleinalstede (Producer), Niklas Springer (Editor), Harry Keyworth (Music)


Running Time: 20:00

Oh, Geno!

The vibrant story of one pivotal night in the life of 1960s soul legend Geno Washington, as told by Geno today.

Director: Onyinye Egenti

Writer: Sophie Shad

Principal Cast: Geno Washington, Ed Nkom, Robin Morissey, and Sophie Shad.

Cast: Christian Cascone, Chris Runciman, Sachin Patel Marko Csokari, Daniel Hart, Dug Marriott, Kit Mathews, Susie Marriott, Haley Bishop, Rose O’Loughlin, Lotte Rice, Philippa Carson, Laura Francis Morgan, Caroline Ward, Radina Drandova, Thomas Flynn, Womble, Lottie Kay, Sara Wood, Anna Lewenhaupt, Leigh Douglas, Marek Dabrowski

Crew: Executive Producer, John Cullum, Executive Producer, Sue Cullum, Executive Producer, Simon Berry, Executive Producer, Dalton Deverell, Associate Producer, Ashley Thomas, Associate Producer, Dan Hart, Producer, Sophie Shad, Producer, Dalton Deverell, Cinematographer, Lorenzo Levrini, 1st AC, Marcus Albersten, 2nd AC, Elisa Spigariol, Camera Trainee, James Coyne, DIT, Jack Plumridge, Gaffer, Josie Williams, Gaffer, Andrei Lionachescu, Spark, Ana Krkljus, Trainee Spark, Christine Alexander, Grip, Giovanni Mattei, Sound Recordist, Rob Newman, 1st AD, Ari Rissotti, 2nd AD, Alessandro Wingfield, Costume Designer, Teresa Pocas, Production Designer, Aephie Huimi, Art Department, Nelson Hollz, Production Assistant, Chris Murdoch, Key Hair & Make Up, Megan Royle, Hair & Make Up Assistant, Katie Ross, Choreographer , Laura Francis Morgan, Photographer, Tomer Sinai, Colourist, Philip Hambi, Editor, Kit Wells, Composer/Re Recording Mixer, Simon Capes, Re Recording Mixer, James Bowman, FinalCut, Laura Harris, MPC, Olivia Jessop, Soho Square Studios , Tom Mackewn

With special thanks to: Peter & Gill and The North Harrow Home Guards Club, Susie Marriott and all Redwood team, MPC, Final Cut, Soho Square Studios, SOLA lights, MCPS, BMG, Studio Hamberg Enterprises, Melissa Spratt, Tempesst, Natalie Bobb-Baxter, Claire and Alan Shad


Running Time: 09:52


Made in collaboration with the UK’s leading LGBTQ charity Stonewall, Religion is a short film that highlights the struggle some people of colour face when reconciling their sexuality with their religious background.

Director: Cherish Oteka

Cast: Jide Macaulay, Jay Choudhury, Sean Choudhury, Fiorella Monteli, Kiku Basu

Crew: Cherish Oteka (Producer/Editor), Ambroise Leclerc (DOP), Zik Udenze (Additional Camera), Yasmin Goddo (Assistant Director), Ben Adams (Sound Recordist), Kobby Adi (Art Direction), Lee Twohey (Colour Grader), Cristian Majer (Sound Mixer)



Running Time: 04:28


Synthetic organs have become a necessity and commodity after a drug-resistant disease sweeps through the UK. When Vallis, trying to raise enough money to save his very sick young son, gets double-crossed delivering an unusual package, his only mission is to get it back, or his son will die, and so will he.

Director: Alex Lanipekun

Cast: Aneurin Barnard, Nathalie Emmanuel, Alex Lanipekun, Wunmi Mosaku, Nicholas Pinnock, Jonathan Pryce

Crew: Alex Lanipekun (Writer/Producer), Luke Neal (Writer), Nathalie Emmanuel (Producer), Tommy Popps (Producer), Cameron Cubbison (Producer), Ryan M. Murphy (Producer), Jay Rutland (Producer)


Running Time: 14:58

Sylvia - Williams-Byrne Bursary Winner

A loving family set off in their car on what seems like a carefree family outing. As Mandy drives, they sing along to a favourite song, stop for ice- creams and play eye-spy. However, it gradually becomes clear that this isn’t a family outing after all, and that their destination isn’t a happy one. In fact, their destination is the house of a man, due to buy their car, and only once the car has stopped does the actuality of the narrative fully manifest.

Director: Richard Prendergast

Cast: Jolie Lennon, Benjamin Hartley, Gaynor Fraser, Maisie Prendergast

Crew: Richard Prendergast (Writer), Rachel Prendergast (Producer), Rowan Biddisombe, Tom Coe, Jack Clay-Wright, Blai Escayola Bosch, Andrew Prendergast, Jack Simpson, Robbie Stevens, William Dimsdale




Running Time: 20:00

The Big Chop

The Big Chop follows 10 year old Kris on her natural hair journey of self love and acceptance. Once a die hard lover of her big afro, negative hints from her mom and teasing on the playground causes Kris to get a perm. She continues to perm her hair as an adult until one day she has had enough. She stands in the mirror, and does the ‘big chop.’ What follows after the chop is a pure emotional roller-coaster.

Director: Derek Dow

Cast: Simone Missick, Mckenzie Franklin, Chinedu Unaka, Kevin Kilumba, Chenique Charmaine, Aliyah Conley, Lorren Cotton, Seaniece Bolden, Derek D. Dow, Niah Genius, Lorraine Gaston, Noah Gaston, Seven Nelms, DaLaura Patton, Kashuna Perfected, Sheilynn Wactor

Crew: Alisha Cowan (Writer), Katrell Kindred (Producer), Cayman Grant (Producer), Che Landon (Producer), Jongnic Bontemps (Music Composer), Angela Latimer (Editor), Cale Finot (Cinematography), Abbie Alvarez (Makeup Department), Rachel Byrd (Assistant Director), Byron Nora (Art Department), Dean Hovey (Sound Department), Juel Taylor (Sound Department), Jason Freeman (Sound Department), Ciara Whaley (Costume and Wardrobe Department), Harry Locke IV (Colorist)



Running Time: 15:33

Some Sweet Oblivious Antidote - Best of the Fest Winner

When 13 year old Ivie (Fatima Koroma) starts speaking in Shakespearean verse her friends find it weird and her mother (Wunmi Mosaku) is outraged. She takes her to church to be ‘cured’ but when Ivie calls the Paster (Colin Salmon) a vile toad her mother seeks the help of a psychiatrist (Sylvestra Le Touzel). Even this fails to shift Ivy from her Bizarre behaviour. It is only when a therapist (Sir Lenny Henry) with an equally encyclopedic knowledge of the bard engages Ivie in a Shakespeare face-off on the stage of the National Theatre that the reasons for Ivie’s obsession are uncovered.

Director: Christiana Ebohon-Green

Cast: Sir Lenny Henry, Wumni Mosaku, Colin Salmon, Arinze Kene, Fatima Koroma

Crew: Moya O’Shea (Writer), Fiona Gillies (Producer), Michael Mueller (Producer), Laura Morrod (Editor), Craig Osborne (Line Producer), Mario Mooney (Sound Recordist), Annette Remler (Cinematography), Byron Broadbent (Production Design), Cécile van Dijk (Costume Design), Julie Kendrick (Makeup Designer)

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Twitter – Christiana Ebohon

Twitter – Fiona Gillies

Twitter – Moya O’Shea

Running Time: 15:00

What Happened to Evie

A girl’s fractured memories distort the truth of a sexual assault in this multi-layered thriller.

Winner of Best International Short Fiction at Galway Film Fleadh, ‘What Happened to Evie’ is a complex thriller about a young woman piecing together and dealing with her memories of a sexual attack. Taking the audience through her own journey, this short deals with some of society’s own prejudices in a subtle and informative way.

Director: Kate Cheeseman

Cast: Bessie Coates (Evie), Michael Jibson (Mr Hooper) Sian Reeves (Evie’s Mother), James Backway (Jacob), Makir Ahmed (Luke), Duramaney Kamara (Flynn), Joshua Lewis (Tyler)

Crew: Carol Younghusband (Writer), Georgina French (Producer), Stefan Allesch-Taylor (Executive Producer), Charlie Kay (Co-Executive Producer), Robert Shacklady (Cinematographer), Sarah Warne (Composer), Kate Cheeseman (Editing), Sian Fever (Editing), Ben Scriven (Editing), Jo Jackson (Sound Design and Mix), Claire Winter (Digital Colourist), Adriana Hervas (Production Designer), Rebecca Duncan (Costume Designer), Carla Eve (Hair and Makeup Designer), Emily Jones (Casting), Line Remeikaite (1st AD), Joe Starrs (1st AD), Alex Howe (Focus Puller), Hal Howe (Clapper Loader), Lily Dong (Script Supervisor), Nathaniel Kastoryano (Sound Recordist), Kyra Westman (Boom Operator), Harry Johns (Gaffer), Jake Peters (Lighting Technician), Lisa Connell (Fight Director), Shona Charlton (Titles Designer), Curtis McMullan (Runner/Driver)




Running Time: 10:37

The Super Recogniser

The Super Recogniser is a twist-filled, sci-fi short film starring Jacob Anderson (Game of Thrones). It tells the story of Scott (Jacob Anderson), a seemingly normal young man with a very special talent. Thanks to his exceptional skills of 90% facial recognition, Scott has been recruited to work in a secret government initiative. Under the watchful eye of his tough-talking supervisor Agent Williams (Ritu Arya), this Super Recogniser is over-worked and under pressure as he spends hours seeking terrorists and criminals captured on CCTV cameras. However, Scott starts to question everything after he believes he sees ‘himself’ on the monitors.

Director: Jennifer Sheridan

Cast: Jacob Anderson, Ritu Arya, Robin Hill

Crew: Jennifer Sheridan (Writer/Editor), Ben Link (Producer), Heather Link (Producer), Ryan Eddleston (DOP), Cato Hoeben (Composer), Phil Lepherd (Editor)




Running Time: 10:45

Ladies Day

Amma, a young, black lesbian, spends the day in an Afro-Caribbean hair salon getting her hair braided. It’s full of fun, sheen spray, gossip and laughter, but how will she deal with the casual homophobia?

Director: Abena Taylor-Smith

Cast: Savannah Steyn, Jacqui-Lee Pryce, Ambreen Razia, Jade Avia, Cynthia Emeagi, Nas Connie, Afsaneh Dehrouyeh, Scheherazade Brathwaite


Abena Taylor-Smith (Writer), Loran Dunn (Producer), Carolina Giammetta (Creative Director/ Executive Producer), Solomon Nwabueze (Executive Producer), Paul Ashton (Executive Producer), Jude Lister (Development and Production Executive), Kate O’Hara (Development and Production Executive), Francesca Carr (Production Manager), Leanne Flinn (Casting Director), Greg Bradlaugh (Production Designer), Rosi Stamp (Art Director), Danny Scott-Smith (1st Assistant Director), Shelly Lankovits (2nd Assistant Director), Anjali Singh-Mitter (3rd Assistant Director), Thomas Warburton (Runner), Rachel Clark (Director of Photography), Ilaria Fulvio (1st Assistant Camera), James Woodbridge (2nd Assistant Camera), Matt Ham (Camera Trainee), Will Coldwell (Camera Trainee), Leopold Naessens (Gaffer), Shaun Waldie (Spark), Vincent Smith (Stills Photographer), Umber Ghauri (Make-up Artist), Mazz Hannah (Make-up Artist), Vivian Tugbenyo (Hair Stylist), Sarah Selina (Hair Stylist Assistant), Naomi Richardson (Costume Designer), Dennis Williams Sheffield (Salon Equipment Hire), Ryan McMurray (Production Sound Mixer and Sound Designer), Poppy Kavanagh (Composer), Rachel Durance (Editor), Rachel Bacon (Production Liaison – Sky TV), Hope Moon (Content Assistant), Shereene Amer (Head of Finance), Rachel Rudman (Finance Administrator), Morwenna Gordon (Executive Producer), Alice Levy (Production Co-ordinator), Marek Bielski (Dubbing), Jennifer Ford (Online Editor), Mark Mulcaster (Colourist)


Running Time: 08:31

Space Girls

During a sleepover, four space obsessed 9-year-old girls embark on a secret mission in their cardboard rocket. ‘Space Girls’ is a film that celebrates the power of the imagination, the importance of STEM education & girl power.

Director: Carys Watford

Cast: Bella Padden, Anika Selvarajah, Helena Albright, Emily Albright, Sophia Capasso, Laurence Pears, Evan Cregan

Crew: Carys Watford, (Writer/Producer/Production Designer/Costume Designer/Prop Maker), Heath McWaters (DOP), Eoghan Synnott (Editor), Roly Witherow (Composer), Jonny Tully (Colourist), Michael F. Bates (Sound Designer), Mark Andrews (Sound Mixer), Eleanor K. Russell (Boom Operator), Zoey Edwards (Make Up Designer), Kelly Smith (1st AC), Francesca Zucchini (2nd AC), Robert Shears & Lorenzo Guerrieri (Gaffer), Brendan Welch (Prop Maker)




Running Time: 9:50