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04 Jul 2016

TFSFF 2015 Winner: David Kitchen

David Kitchen is the writer and director of Family Reunion, the Best of the Fest winner of TriForce Short Film Festival 2015.  Here are his reflections on the day of the 2015 festival.

Regent Street was heaving with early Christmas shoppers, Piccadilly Circus was its usual neon glare, BAFTA, inconspicuous as it is, had a door open.  Inside and upstairs the faux, white birch trees twinkled with their fairy lights, we mingled for coffee and croissants.  The festival was December 5 with casual dress during the day – networking, talks, seminars and exceptional short films of all categories.  Dress up for the evening, the finalists’ showcase.

New friends, new contacts, filmmakers young and old but all of us new, mingled and felt welcome to this home of British film.  The magic of film deserves a magic setting.  TCN had brought Christmas forward by twenty days.

The transition from daytime events to the formal evening allowed us to meet with our friends and creative teams in the festive bars scattered around London’s West End then back to BAFTA for the full on photo-calls, the laughter and glamour were as though we were being captured for the frontage of a multi-cultural Christmas calendar.

The introductions and welcome were delivered by Minnie and Fraser, then the surprise appearance, like Santa, of Jimmy, reinforced the message that every film screened this evening was a winner in so many ways.

At so many festivals this just doesn’t ring true, at TriForce it does.

Having spent the day at the festival I’d seen the films and met the filmmakers of the winner of the Amy Winehouse award and the Audience award, so I thought the night was done. As mentioned, Christmas had come early last December and Family Reunion was named Best of the Fest.

Having fumbled through my un-written thank you speech, and deferring to Karen (producer of Family Reunion) for inspirational words, we returned to our seats.  The man in the row in front turned to shake my hand, it was Adrian Lester.  Cheeky thing, asked if he could have my award; I reminded him he has enough already but if he wanted to be in my next film I’ll guarantee him an award.  A dream come true.

After the obligatory yet uncomfortable (well, for me) publicity shots, it was off to the Century Club in Shaftesbury Avenue where we danced the night away.

December can often be a bit of a blur, for various reasons… did December the fifth really happen? Yes, I have the award to prove it and again, with TriForce it never ends with just a pat on the back.

TriForce isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for a sustainable and supportive relationship into a forward thinking, diverse and truly 21st century future in British film.

For more information about this year’s TriForce Short Film Festival 2016 click here, or for more on David Kitchen and Karen Bryson’s TFSFF 2015 winning film Family Reunion click here.

Submit to TriForce Short Film Festival 2016 today!

30 Jun 2016

TFSFF 2016: Submissions Open!

Submissions are now open for TriForce Short Film Festival 2016!  The fifth annual TriForce Creative Network film festival will take place at BAFTA on Saturday 3rd December 2016.

The TriForce Short Film Festival was established to promote, support and showcase the diverse range of talent in contemporary film-making.  With a focus on recognising and supporting diverse talent, the festival brings together film-makers with the movers and shakers in the industry, enabling emerging artists to break into the mainstream.  Showcasing the best in short film, alongside a programme of career focused seminars throughout the day and an industry expo, the TriForce Short Film Festival is the place to be to further your career in film.  

With the chance to get your film screened at BAFTA, career development opportunities with our industry partners or cash for your next film project, why not look at the newly launched film festival website to see some of the winning films from last year’s festival and how to submit your film.

The three categories this year are:

·         Microshorts  – open to films under five minutes long and can be of any genre

·         General Scripted – open to scripted films between five and 20 minutes long

·         Non-Scripted – open to non-scripted films between five and 20 minutes long

We are always blown away by the calibre of films we receive as well as the immense range of stories, voices and topics that are explored.  No doubt this year the entries will be just as impressive – we can’t wait to start watching them!