18 Aug 2017

Best of Fest 2016 Winners Discuss Festival Experience

We caught up with the Liam Darby, cast member of TFSFF 2016 Best of Fest winning film, Glow.
Glow was celebrated for its compelling story about how light can be found in even the darkest of times, following Elijah and his journey with a brain tumour. The team won a cash prize and the opportunity to pitch their next film idea to TFSFF supporter and sponsor, Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE. Stefan loved the idea and has been working with the team on their next project. 

How long did it take you to create Glow? Why was telling this story important to you and what’s the reaction been like?

Glow was created over the summer of 2015. We began writing in April and filmed in August, completing the film around November. The story was an important part of Team Glow’s personal experiences as within the team of producers, we had all experienced the subject matter of cancer in some form, whether through close family members or friends. We also felt telling a story about young and diverse people was important, conveying in particular friendships that prevail through times of difficulty. The reaction has been positive and seemingly, people have been able to connect to the poignancy and relate-ability of the piece. As filmmakers, we wanted to create something unique that represented the light that can be found within these difficult times.

GlowHad you applied for many other festivals? What made TriForce Short Film Festival stand out to you? 

We had applied to various festivals and had success, particularly in the smaller ones. After this success, we decided to apply to TriForce Short Film Festival after researching the TCN and also attending the previous year. The atmosphere of the festival and the availability of information on the day, is something that is easily accessible and of value to filmmakers looking to make their way within the film industry.

How did it feel to win the Best of the Fest?

Honestly, it was a complete surprise. We were excited that we became one of the four finalists and to win was a particularly great feeling, gaining recognition for something we had put so much work into. There were an exceptionally high level of quality short films entered into the festival, so, it made winning an even better achievement for the team.

How was it meeting with Stefan? How has the relationship developed after the festival?

Stefan is an incredibly likeable guy. He has a clear passion for film and pushed for our film to win when it came down to the final decision. It is great to know that someone, although subjectively, chose your film to win. We were given an opportunity to pitch to Stefan with a new short film idea and have been working tirelessly on our next project. We believe this is the beginning of a relationship, that will continue with potential future projects and ultimately a   source of advice for us as new filmmakers.

The Glow Team with Best of Fest partner Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE (left)

What advice would you give to other filmmakers looking to create their own short? 

There are so many festivals out there and you will succeed and be able to showcase your talent if you have made something that is unique. Budget doesn’t have to be a constraint however the story or idea must be strong. Fees range within festivals but look for the free ones and others like TriForce that will really promote your film. We created a poignant story within a 12 minute short and we believe that is one of the reasons we were voted as winners. It can also be anything from a minute so it is worth filming something even if you can only achieve a small budget. Ideally, ensure it has a passion behind it and says something you want it to say. Make it unique and tell that story.

What would you say to filmmakers thinking of entering this year’s TriForce Short Film Festival?

The festival is like a home hub of information and like minded people wanting to progress into the industry. It has grown over time and we believe it is now an influential festival within the circuit. It can open up doors or point you in the direction to open them up for yourselves. If you can produce something that gets into the festival, it is a great accolade. To progress as a finalist, or even win the festival is also a great opportunity to push forward as filmmakers.

Tell us more about what you’re working on currently. 

As a team, we are currently working on another short film. We have been lucky enough to source funding using the connections of TriForce and this will be filmed later this year, hopefully achieving future success on the festival circuit. As individuals, we are made up of writers, directors and actors so are also working on our own projects including a web-series, theatre piece and another short film.

To apply for TriForce Short Film Festival 2017, visit http://tfsff.com/submissions/. Submissions close on 15 September. 

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